Is Katapult and Affirm the same?

Katapult and Affirm both provide a safe, fast, stable, and convenient way to buy tires on credit.  

Affirm offers a conventional discount tire financing option that allows you to buy your tires now and pay back the loan later.

On the other hand, Katapult offers a lease-to-own option that allows you to use your tires as you pay for them. They become yours at the end of the lease term or when paid off. At times you may be offered tire financing no money down from either of our partners. 

Katapult and Affirm Tire Financing at a glance

Katapult Tire Financing

Katapult is a lease-to-own financial service that allows customers to lease products and pay back the cost of the product over time using flexible payment plans. 

It is the preferred option for individuals looking for tire financing bad credit with no credit or developing credit. Through its partnership with EasyTireFinancing, customers can buy tires as they would at a local retail shop with the exception they can now not only pay outlet prices but they can also make convenient payments. 

Katapult is not a traditional financier, so it doesn’t require a credit history to sign up new customers. It’s based on the hire purchase model, where the customer pays for the product as they use it with the option to own it. 

With EasyTireFinancing, you get to lease your tires and own them once you’ve made all your lease-to-own payments. The purchase agreement is not a credit transaction, therefore, payments may include a higher APR or interest rate.

Affirm Tire Financing

Affirm works like a conventional financier or lender. It provides loans directly to customers for everyday shopping. 

Affirm requires customers to have good credit and a generally clean financial history to approve loans. You get to buy now and pay later without any fees. Payment is done based on a payment plan that best suits your needs.

Affirm interest ranges from 0 to 30% percent depending on your payment plan. If you choose to make 4 payments every 2 weeks, no interest is charged. The lender only conducts soft credit checks that don’t affect your credit.

How do they work?


Affirm operates like most online lenders. If you choose Affirm at checkout, you’ll be required to submit an application to get approved for a loan.

To create an account, you need to provide: 

  •     Full legal name
  •     Mobile number
  •     Email address
  •     The last 4 digits of your social security number
  •     Date of birth

Affirm will verify your identity by sending a text message to your mobile phone with your authorization number. This will be followed by a confirmation on whether you’ve been approved for a loan, for how much, how long, and the interest rate charged. 

The deal you get is determined by your credit history, your history with Affirm, your outstanding loan, and your likelihood to pay back on time. 

Affirm users can get approved for up to $17,500 coupled with a flexible payment plan that fits into the repayment period. Note that your APR is determined by the retailer and how long and frequently you use Affirm.


With EasyTireFinancing, you can opt for Katapult if you have bad credit or a developing credit score. If you do not qualify for Affirm, you will automatically be pre-qualified for Katapult.

All you need to do is provide details to confirm your identity, a valid credit/debit card, and your Tax Payer ID. Approval is always instant and you do not need to fill any long forms.

Most customers usually receive a decision in 60 seconds or so, and Katapult can approve up to $3,500. They offer a flexible payment plan that aligns with your pay dates and budget.

Your order is shipped as it would if you were using any other form of payment. With Katapult, the earlier you pay, the more you save. The payments to be made on the lease agreement are determined by the price of the product, maximum lease period, state tax rate, and state of residence.

Which Tire Financing is better?

It depends on your credit score. Affirm is best for those that have a good credit score and can manage to make payments on time. Interest rates will be 0% APR or 10-30% APR depending on your credit. A down payment may be required.

Katapult works for buyers that have a low or developing credit score. It allows you to pay for your tires with EasyTireFinancing as you use them. Since no credit is required, interest rates here are higher. You can pay off your lease at any time to gain ownership of your goods.


• Some Credit Required
• As little as 0% APR*
• Flexible pay schedule

No Credit Required
• No Late Fees, Ever!
• 90 Day Buyout Discount

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